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            Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system with MultiDiametertechnology.


Fields of application:                                                                                      Technical Support

·         Telecommunication                                                                                                    

·         Oil and Gas Industry

·         OEM

·         Energy generation and distribution

·         Building Industry

·         Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

·         Clean rooms



A short guide to Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system:

The Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system is a unique transfer system, which can be modular and MultiDiameter ™.

With Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system almost any problem can be solved. Modularity means that every cable or pipe penetrations shall go through a module.

The figure shows what MultiDiameter technology means. Each module consists of two halves, and from the center the pages can be removed from the appropriate cable or pipe diameter adaptation. Can be used with a cable diameter range.

Thanks to the MultiDiameter technology, and to the modularity of 6 base module: 3.5mm diameter up to 99mm can be close tubes. To install Roxtec you need frames whic can be:



and cabinet or other steal surface

Roxtec wall installation


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