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Roxtec Technical Support



The Roxtec cable and pipe transfer system with MultiDiamatertechnology is highly easy to be planned and really easily feasible.

On this page we would like to assist in planning and implementation.

If you can't find the information what you looking for please contact us on our contact details.



For planning:


We are happy to advise information, and prepare a plan based on the Roxtec cable transfer list. Contact us here.


Product details:


Download the full catalog here:


Download Ex catalogue here: (old)


Download the EMCS catalogue here: (old)


Planner Software:

Roxtec developed an online planning software, which provides assistance in finding solutions to fit the requipments.

To use the Roxtec Transit Designer you need to create an account. The use of the software is free.

The Roxtec Transit Designer is available at:


Cad library: For helping the design progress the Roxtec Cad Library 2D drawings and 3D models can be found here!



For implemantation:

Facilitate installation options:

    Checklist for square frames can be found here

    Checklist for round frames can be found here

    Multi language instructions manual can be found here

    Frame Installation Guide can be found here (the catalog can be found on page 202!)


Installation videos:


square steel: G    B    S

square plastic: KFO  COMPLUS

rounded: R    RS


Transition cabinet: CF 16   CF8-32   EZ  EZ-Entry   Comseal   Comseal ILW


Special transfers: BG EMC


?wall round?: EMC


Cabinet type: BG EMC


Please contact us in any case of question here!






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