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Glob-Prot Kft

1171 Budapest Pásztorfalva utca 19.

+36 1 339 8604


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Welcomelamassu_logok_vegleges_q-3.jpg to the website of Glob Prot Ltd.

Our company moves to new address from 06.06. 2016. In case of our phone does not work, please contact us via our mobile phone numbers! Our new address: 1171 Budapest, Pásztorfalva utca 19.

+36 30 655 9991

+36 20 390 5632

Our company is operating since 1998 without interruption.                                                             Ever since our goal is to serving our customers completely.

Our Motto: A man begins to create something that is not existed before. Someone has to be from nothing. Not the smallest, but the highest resistance to look for. You just might want to do, which is impossible.

Béla Hamvas