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Roxtec cable and pipe transit and sealing system provides watertightness, fire proofness and there are IP 67 ratings also on the cabinets, walls and floors. In addition, Roxtec offers special transits, such as ATEX certified, EMC (electromagnetic shielding), and BG (bounding and grounding) sealings. Details
Power generation and distribution

Roxtec cable and pipe transit sealing systems are suitable for transiting low and high voltage cables with watertight, fireproof, rodent and insect proof demands, cable inlets can be located on the buildings side or underground or on cabinet walls. Roxtec provides for high voltage cables transits which eliminate the occurrence of whirling current.

Building industry

Roxtec cable and pipe transits provide applicable solutions for transit demands, such as sealing against underground water, fire-proof transits, special protection against effects generated by surge and fast and flexible transits for cabinet inlets. In case of wall, floor and power/control cabinet transits the solution is Roxtec.

Pharma and chemical industry

In the pharma and chemical industry segment above traditional sealing tasks (i.e. fire proof, watertight, rodent and insect proof sealing) Roxtec cable and pipe transit ensures ATEX certified (explosion proof) transits and sealings. To withstand high corrosion exposure, we also provide sealings with stainless steel fittings and frames.

Underground transits against water

One of the most common tasks is to transit cables and pipes in underground water environment. Roxtec UG product line provides a solution. This solution is flexible because it’s using MultiDiameter™ technology. Fast, cost effective and easy to upgrade solution when using it with KOS sleeve, which helps installation in concrete.

Oil and gas industry

Roxtec cable and pipe transit provides solution for all sealing tasks that occurs in Oil&Gas Industry, such as explosion proof cable inlets of power supply and control cabinets, fireproof wall transits or sealing against underground water.


From power supply cabinets to gas turbines and wind-turbine generators, Roxtec cable and pipe transit meets all sealing requirements in OEM branch, the demand can be either high IP rating, ATEX certified sealing or vibration damping .


Within the rapidly developing and changing segment of telecommunication the flexibility of Roxtec cable and pipe transits support fast cable routings and re-assembly, minimizing the use of labor and tools, while providing fire and waterproof sealing.


Easy to keep clean, chemical proof, fast and easy installations in cleanroom environments. Some of the benefits offered by Roxtec cable and pipe transits, also available with stainless steel frames and fittings.


Surge protection devices up to 0,4kV from Czech Republic. Type 1, 2 and 3 devices and data protection equipment. Two step linefilters from 1x8 A to 3x400 A. Made in Czech Republic, EU certificated.


Electronic parts for EMC such as ferrite rings, SMD ferrites, conductive gaskets, absorption materials, On-board contacts. Headquartered in Japan, special components for special application.

Acer Voltage

Surge protection and limiter devices for different voltage limits. For trains, trams, trolley transport and for power supply segments.

About Us

Glob-Prot Ltd. has been operating uninterrupted since 1998. Since then, our goal is to serve our customers with the best care! The essence of our business policy is to satisfy the customers. Our company strives for continuous strengthening and organic growth from the foundation.

  • 998 foundation, initially mainly design works
  • 2001 partnership with Roxtec, it has been ongoing since then
  • 2004 Moving to Mázsa Square Office
  • 2006 partnership with Kitagawa which is ongoing to this day
  • 2007 Contract with Hakel, this is also continuous
  • 2010 Roxtec RTM presentation, new Roxtec design software (released on CD)
  • 2014 Introducing Roxtec UG Series
  • 2015 Purchase of a new site (1171 Budapest, Pásztorfalva utca 19.)
  • 2015 Online Roxtec RTM (Appearance of Online Design Software)
  • 2016 Moving in to the new location

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